Party Wall Services

We undertake appointments on behalf of contractors (Building Owners) and neighbours (Adjoining Owners’) under the remit of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Invariably, most people are unaware of the Party Wall Act and there is the opinion that this should apply only to high value projects. This is incorrect and the Act is there to protect the rights of both Developers (Building Owners) and their immediate neighbours (Adjoining Owners). In short, the Act requires a Building Owner to serve formal written notice of their proposals prior to the commencement of the works.

Notifiable works include: -

  1. Any excavation for foundations within 3 meters (3M rule) and to a lower level than a neighbours foundation, or horizontally within 6 meters (6M rule) if the Adjoining Owners foundations are intersected when a 45 degree line is drawn from the toe of the proposed foundations;
  2. Any works to a party wall, e.g. building up to a neighbours building facade, raising or lowering, inserting steel beams into a party wall, etc;
  3. Erection of a garden wall or a building facade astride or up to the boundary line. 

The Adjoining Owner has a right to appoint a surveyor to act on their behalf should they dissent to the proposals. In this instance, a party wall Award setting out conditions of the proposed works is prepared together with appendix Schedule of Condition/Photographs, Method Statements, Insurances, Structural and Architectural Design Information, Programme, etc.

A party wall Award is recommended to ensure full protection to both a Building Owner and Adjoining Owner. Please contact us for a complimentary assessment of party wall matters specific to your proposed project.

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